Opening Chess Strategies

When playing chess the opening can often times determine the end game. Having good opening chess strategies will help you when playing the game of chess. Opening chess strategies will enable a player to form a strategy and plan the achievement of winning the game. Opening chess strategies will change per player. Chess players will need to know that they may need to change their opening strategy with each opponent.

One good opening chess strategy is to not move the same piece twice in the beginning. This means that you will want to get your piece into the desired position or developed and then let it be. Leave this piece where it is unless it has to be moved to avoid being taken. You will want to develop all your opening pieces before you move a previously developed piece.

When you use this opening chess strategy you can get yourself set up for better control of board center. Controlling board center is desired in most chess games by both sides. Your opening chess strategies, whatever they are, should lead you to controlling the board center early in the game. Then maintain board center control thoughout the middle game so that you can get into a good winning position at the end game.

Another good opening chess strategy is to not develop one side before the other. Some will use the strategy of controlling board center from the sides. Whether you do this or not, you will not want to develop one side before the other. Get your pieces out and developed almost equally. You will also want to develop your knights before your bishops. But an even better opening chess strategy is to develop both your knights before your queen’s bishop. Once again you are developing both sides almost equally.

Exchanging pieces is part of every chess game. But when you are opening a chess game with strategies, you will not want to exchange your knights for bishops too early in the game. This will keep your bishops in the game longer, being that bishops have a longer range for movement.

Also when you are exchanging pieces with your opponent you will not want to make exchanges that will develop your opponent’s pieces. This could give your opponent an advantage. You want to get the advantage and get more than one advantage in the game if you can.

When you use opening chess strategies most of them will include your pawns. Pawns can be very beneficial in the right positions. You will want to get a good pawn structure as part of any opening chess strategy. You will want to have your pawns in spaces that they can help protect your king and attack your opponent. A good rule for any opening chess strategy is to keep pawns together. Pawns are stronger together. When pawns are isolated or lined up on a file they are weak. You will also want to get your pawns into positions that allow your back row to be moved and developed for future attacks on your opponent.

Opening chess strategies include opening your pieces so that you can get the game rolling. It is however, good strategy to not develop your opening pieces past the first four rows. You will want to keep your pieces on your side of the board. This can limit your opponent’s chance of coming in to enemy territory and attacking you when you have little defense.

Opening chess strategies can be as different as chess players. Take strategies and put them together, use them alone, or add to them. Chess is a war game and strategy must be used. Make your opening chess strategies lead you into board center control as well as victory in the end. Make every move count and plan your strategy out before you take action.

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