A Look at Modern Chess Strategies

Chess has been around for along time; there are, however, some new or modern chess strategies. A look at the modern chess strategies will basically involve the use of strategy, evaluation, and planning. Chess has three divisions. The beginning, middle and the end make up a chess game. Modern chess strategies can start in the beginning or come into play in the middle or the end or use up all three or any combination of the three.

A scientific thinker Wilhelm Steinitz brought about modern chess strategies. He was also the first World Champion. His way of evaluating a position and then making a plan was developed in the 19th century. Even though this was a while back, many consider this way of playing chess to be modern chess strategy.

Steinitz and other great chess strategists advocated that chess openings and the way people play may change throughout time, but the four basic strategies would remain the same and a vital part of modern chess playing. Steinitz’s four rules of strategy are as follows.

1.The right to attack belongs to the side that has a positional advantage. That side not only has the right to attack, but the obligation to do so. If the side that can attack does not attack the advantage will be lost. The attack should be concentrated on the weakest square in he opponent’s position.

2.If in an inferior position, the defender should be ready to defend and make compromises. Or the defender can take other measures, such as a desperate counterattack.

3.In an equal position, the opponents should maneuver, trying to achieve a position in which they have an advantage. If both sides play correctly, an equal position will remain equal.

4. The advantage may be a big, indivisible one or it may be a whole series of small advantages. The goal of the stronger side is to store up the advantages, and then to convert temporary advantages into permanent ones.

Steinitz also had the idea that chess was divided into positional elements. They are development, mobility, the center, the positions of the kings, weak and strong squares, pawn structure, queenside pawn majority, open lines, and minor pieces. Many chess players will still refer to the chess game with these positional elements.

One example of modern chess strategies is to begin with your side pawn and not your Queen or King pawn. With this modern strategy the idea is to use the sides to control the center. You want control of the center whether you are controlling from the center or from the sides. By controlling from a distance you are able to get the King out and make use of your castles.

A look at modern chess strategies is simply looking at the chessboard and making a plan based on the evaluation of the board. The board can be evaluated by looking at the pieces on the board and what value they have. Also looking at the spaces that are controlled by one side or the other. You must use defensive strategies and defend your chess pieces, think ahead or plan and make sure you are not caught off guard. Chess players must use strategies to give them the advantage in the game they are playing.

Many people consider a modern chess strategy to be the use of changing your strategy with each player you play. All players will not be the same and chess players will need to adjust their plan to be effective with each new player.

However you look at it, modern chess strategies have brought the game into a more competitive and challenging game. Chess players need to evaluate and make a plan so that they can have the advantage on the chessboard with their pieces and squares they occupy.

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